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Download bigg boss 16 november 2019 written update. Bigg Boss 13 16th November Written Episode, Written Update on Weekend Ka Vaar Salman welcomes everyone to the show. Salman says people made new relationships in the house and it was good. Salman says we gave the audience’s opinions to the housemates. Bigg Boss 13 Written Update Novem: Salman Khan Praises Asim Riaz For His Honesty Bigg Boss 13 Written Update: Anil Kapoor will appear in tomorrow's episode Entertainment Written.

'Bigg Boss 13' Weekend Ka Vaar Novem Written Update: Anil Kapoor joins Salman Khan's show for 'Pagalpanti' Salman Khan is back with Weekend Ka Vaar and he is in full support of Hindustani Bhau and Shefali Jairwala. DNA Web Team;PM IST. Written By Ranpreet Kaur reads Mumbai Updated: Novem am Bigg Boss 13 Novem Written Update: Shefali Jariwala crowned as leader; gives advice to housemates 0Author: Ranpreet Kaur.

Also Read | Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Written Update November 9: Diwali Celebrations In The Bigg Boss House. Bala and Rio’s argument. Bigg Boss announces the nominated person list to the housemates with Suchi leading with 9 votes, Anitha with 8 and, Sam, Aari, Rio, Bala and Somu with 2 votes each.

Bala gets upset and tells everyone to not assume things. Bigg Boss 13 day 47 written update episode 47 November Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz had a major melt down yesterday but it did not take the friends long to patch up. tv Updated:. Written Updates. Bigg Bth NovemberWritten Update: Kavita, Nikki, Jaan, Rubina, Eijaz and Jasmin are nominated.

By TellychakkarTeam. PM. Mumbai Follow us on Google news to get the best breaking news. MUMBAI: Nomination Special Day Colors TV Hindi Serial Bigg Boss 14 latest episodes Written Updates are available. New episodes of Bigg Boss 14 air every every day. Bigg Boss Bigg Boss 22nd December Written Episode Update Atiba 0. Bigg Boss 13 19th November Written Episode, Written Update on Day 52 8 AM Inmates wake up to the song mangalam.

They all dance and. Bigg Boss 13 11th November Written Episode, Written Update on Day 45 AM Vishal tells inmates that he can cook and clean the washroom so he is going to stay. Shefali says that is great. 2 AM Himanshi laughs and tells Asim and Sid that they have got a new scapegoat, he can clean the washrooms too.

'Bigg Boss 13' Decem Written Update: Vishal-Madhurima's romance irks Sidharth Shukla. Sidharth Shukla comes back to Bigg Boss 13 house and equations instantly change among housemates.

DNA Web Team;PM IST. Bigg Boss 13 November 15 Update: Sidharth and Devoleena's "budding friendship" became the episode's highlight. Entertainment Written by Divya Goyal Updated: Novem. Bigg Boss 13 November 16 Weekend Ka Vaar written updates. (@ColorsTV) Novem. PM Sushant Death Case Updates: Rhea Chakraborty, Bihar govt & CBI file written. Bigg Boss 13 day 51 written update episode 51 November While Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz have been fighting for a few days now, Paras Chhabra and Mahira’s bias for Sidharth was a surprise.

Also Read | Bigg Boss 13 November 6, Written Updates And Other Details. Bigg Boss 13 - Written update for November 7. Last night’s episode started with the continuation of the ‘BB Transport Services’ task.

At the very beginning of the task, Paras Chhabra accused Siddharth Shukla of poking his nose in everyone's business. Bigg Boss 13 8th November Written Episode, Written Update on Day 40 PM Devoleena and Rashami tell the inmates that Bigg Boss ordered them to arrange a news show in the house when Bigg Boss didn’t give any such order. Tehseen starts the show and calls Sana to interview first.

Bigg Boss 14 contestants get pitted against each other during the captaincy task, resulting into several fights. Read on to know what all happened on BB 14 on Decem. Bigg Boss 13 episode 16 written update day 16 October Devoleena Bhattacharjee was upset with Shehnaaz Gill and even fought with her before warning Paras against talking to Shehnaaz, else she.

Bigg Boss 13 3 November 25 Update: Bigg Boss asked the contestants to create romantic videos Entertainment Written by Pranita Chaubey Updated: Novem pm IST. Also read: 'Bigg Boss 4' Tamil Written Update November Bala And Rio Not On Good Terms. Archana’s prediction.

Archana, the next morning, hilariously predicted everyone’s day. In Bigg Boss Season 4, Tamil, participants will pluck their fruit from the tree placed in the garden area, in their respective baskets. Although due to Balaji’s. Bigg Boss 13 – Decem written update Last night’s episode began as Arti and Paras had a discussion about Vikas Gupta and Shehnaaz Gill. In fact, Paras also said that Siddharth Shukla sometimes does not have logic, to which Shefali Bagga and Arti disagreed.

Bigg Boss 13 day 58 written update episode 58 November Sidharth Shukla fights with Arti Singh and Rashami Desai pulls him out fearing Arti’s health. tv Updated:IST HT. Bigg Boss 13 Novem Written Update: Paras' team wins Swayamvar task; Sidharth flirts with Mahira 10 The episode begins with Asim and Sidharth getting involved in.

Bigg Boss 13 day 45 written update episode 45 November While old friends Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz indulged in an ugly fight that ended in pushing and shoving, Rashami and Arhaan were also.

Also, Read: Bigg Boss Fans Predict Who Will Get Evicted In Weekend Ka Waar. Bigg Boss 13 written update: November Shehnaaz discussed luxury budget items on the board. Bigg Boss appreciated both the team’s efforts and asked them to carry on with the task. Bigg Boss allowed the team members to pick one item each from the luxury budget list. 'Bigg Boss 13' Novem Written Update: Devoleena evicted from show, Rashami Desai inconsolable. In the Weekend Ka Vaar episode 17 of Bigg Boss 13, Salman Khan will be seen praising Siddharth Shukla over his captaincy and unanimous votes.

DNA Web Team;. Bigg Boss 13, December 9, Written Update: Sidharth and Paras save Mahira from nominations Today's episode of Bigg Boss 13 is nothing short. Bigg Boss 13 Written Update: Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill's bond became a topic of discussion for all the housemates Entertainment Written by Pranita Chaubey Updated: Novem   Bigg Boss Season 13 November 21 Update: Paras and Mahira accused Shefali of adding fuel to Asim and Sidharth's fight Entertainment Written by Aakanksha Raghuvanshi Updated: Novem   Bigg Boss 14 16 November Day 45 Written Update: Nikki Tamboli and Kavita Kaushik lashes out at Aly Goni: बिग बॉस के घर में आज फिर से अशांति.

Tags: aarti Asim Bigg Boss Bigg Boss 13 Bigg Boss 13 fights Bigg Boss 13 finale bigg boss 13 finalists Devoleena Khesarli Lal Yadav Mahira Rashami Shefali Shefali Jariwala Shehnaz sidharth shukla tehseen poonawalla Written Update; First Published: Novem, IST. 'Bigg Boss 13' Novem Written Update: Hindustani Bhau goes cross with Arti Singh. In Bigg Boss 13's 45th episode, broadcast on Novem, Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz fought with each other.

DNA Web Team;PM IST. Bigg Boss November 20 Written Update: Kavita beats Jasmin to be new captain; Nikki & Jaan bury the hatchet Bigg Boss November 16 Written Update: Eijaz, Rubina, Nikki, Jasmin, Kavita and. 'Bigg Boss 13' Decem Written Update: Mahira Sharma finally confesses her feelings to Paras Chhabra. Sidharth Shukla had to walk out of Bigg Boss 13 owing to health issues, while Paras Chhabra had brought the house down with his big revelations. DNA Web Team;PM IST.

Bigg Boss 14 4th December Latest Written Update: Finale Race Between Housemates: Today, we are going to tell you the latest twist that happened in Bigg Boss 14 we know the BB 14 is going more interesting after the last eviction of Pavitra, Aly, and After the eviction of Weekend Ka Vaar, Jaan Kumar Sanu.

Bigg Boss 13 Written Updates for Nov Sidharth's team wins luxury budget task, Paras and Asim lock horns This week's task will bring the worst amongst the. Bigg Boss Tamil 3, episode 40, August 2,written update: Saravanan spars with Cheran over a task; Mugen Rao becomes the new captain of. It's about the latest update of Bigg Boss bigg boss 13, bigg boss 13 contestants, bigg boss 13 episode 1, bigg boss 13 promo, bigg boss 13 episode 2, bigg boss 13 full episode, bigg boss.

Published: Novem AM IST By Entertainment Desk Email Edited by Kritika Vaid Email Follow The Bigg Boss 13 day 57 starts with Tareefan song in the morning. Bigg Boss 14 28th November Written Update: Housemate’s relatives in the show: Here is a written update of Bigg Boss season 4, the show is going more interesting day by day because of the acts of mgshmso.ruly, many things have changed in the house.

Many are challenging each other for their winning, and also some are losing their friends and relation. Bigg Boss 13 Nov 30 Written Update: Devoleena Bhattacharjee is out of the house, Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma are nominated.

Published: Novem PM IST. Dance Plus 5, Novem Written Update: Breath-taking performances by the contestants make auditions round a must watch Dance Plus 5: For the first time, an Army-man Bhim Bahadur Chettri. Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar, 2 November Episode, Bigg Boss 13 Eviction Elimination Today, Bigg Boss 13 Eliminated Contestants: While Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma have already entered the next level of Salman Khan's show by winning Ticket.

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar, 23 November Episode, Bigg Boss 13 Eviction Elimination Today, Bigg Boss 13 Eliminated Contestants: Salman Khan pulls up Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz for getting violent in the house for no reason.

Bigg Boss Get Bigg Boss 14 latest News and daily Written updates, Today's Elimination and Updated Contestants List, wild card entry contestants, latest Photos and Videos of Salman Khan, Bigg. Bigg Boss 13 Day 59, written update:आज 'बिग बॉस' में देखेंगे कि कैसे रश्मि के जले पराठे से सिद्धार्थ जल-भुन उठते हैं। वहीं दूसरी ओर आसिम और हिमांशी के बीच प्यार की पींगे.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4, Day 44, Written Updates. by Lakshmi Muthiah Novem November 17, Aug. Bigg Boss 3 Day 38 Written Updates. Lakshmi Muthiah July 31 Day 32, Written Updates. Lakshmi Muthiah November 6, November 7, Bigg Boss Tamil 4, Day 43, Written Updates. Penbugs Novem November   Bigg Boss 13, November 5 Written Updates: Here's all the drama from the latest episode of Bigg Boss Siddharth Shukla upsets his own people -.

This week, he recommends Venmurasu by Jayamohan. He shares a little, interesting anecdote from the book which gives a different perspective on Mahabharath and suggests this treasure needs to be celebrated. Bigg Boss game continues with 16 contestants including Archana now under Rio’s captaincy. Stay with us for more updates. - Bigg Boss 16 November 2019 Written Update Free Download © 2011-2021